Quality Potatoes from the Keenan Family Farm to Your Table


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I tried your russet potatoes for the first time ever. All I can say is WOW. I can't remember when I didn't get potatoes that were green or rotting or had black marks once peeled or rust spots within. The taste was wonderful. they cooked up firm without going mushy. What a change. I will be sure to keep a look out for this brand in the future. Thanks for selling such a wonderful product.

Yvette Peachey, Bragg Creek, AB - 1/2/2018

Hi Keenan family - Just had to drop a note to say thankyou for providing us with your wonderful PEI potatoes this Christmas. I look for potatoes from your province every year at this time and was happy to see another grocer carrying them. They were wonderful as usual - very white, heavy and free from all the imperfections that we'd gotten so used to cutting out during the peeling process. My only complaint would be that the Vancouver Island grocers are not carrying PEI potatoes year round - I buy them whenever I spot them, and have to store them carefully a month or more until Christmas. Thanks again for helping make our Christmas dinner easier to prepare and the potatoes fabulous! K. Jordan Nanaimo BC

K. Jordan, Nanaimo B.C. - 12/26/2017

Dear Alvin, family, helpers & neighbour! Many thanks for the terrific hospitality in the potato patch on Sept 15t!! We learned a lot about another aspect of farming in Canada. Got the 3 & 5 year old grandkids to wash the red dirt from your potatoes, then made "stovies" for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone was impressed with the massive size of potatoes and all the photos we took on that sunny day! Please thank everyone involved that day, especially the "potato" bakers!! Sincerely, Kitty & Bert P.S. - Your farm visit was one of the most memorable days on our PEI visit.

Kitty & Bert P., Stratford, ON - 10/30/2013

Bought a bag of your Keenan Russet potatoes. Made fries out of them, best fries I have ever eaten. We had to make a second order. They cook quick and crisp up so fast. We also baked some on the Barbecue. Excellent taste with sour cream. These are way better potatoes than our local ones. Thanks for making a excellent product that I am sure going to pass on. Thanks Again- Jack, one happy customer. :)

Jack S., Picton, ON - 4/11/2013

always thought you had best russets ever!!!!!!!!when cooked always so white and fluffy....absolutely delicious,with butter.........#1 fan doreen

Doreen R., little pond - 3/10/2013

Well, just opened another bag of your potatoes. What a joy to have the best potatoes ever. I have lived in Calgary since 1976 but whenever I see a bag of PEI potatoes at a grocery store, I buy as many as I can. They are the best and I will buy them, no matter what the cost. My question to you is: will you be shipping any more potatoes out this way. I know it must be expensive but in the spring the only potatoes available in the stores here are from the States and I refuse to buy them so we survive on rice and pasta. Thanks again for making our meals so much more enjoyable.

Teresa D., Calgary - 2/27/2013

We purchased your potatoes just before Christmas and they were the best potatoes we've ever had. We have had PEI potatoes before, but never like this. Our whole family enjoyed them baked, boiled, roasted and mashed - they were an absolute delight. Send you a bouquet of thanks!

Jane H., Vancouver Island, BC - 1/31/2012

Hi I’m from Quebec. In my opinion, PEI has the BEST potato, that’s a proven fact. I’m driving the few extra km to find the only IGA supermarket around my town that offers the Keenan Russet potatoes, because they are simply the best ones, whatever cooking method you choose. Keep up the good work guys, and thank you for offering this other option to us. Richard P. Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada

Richard P., Victoriaville QC - 12/11/2011